15 Step Solution to Low Traffic Problem for Your Website

05 December 2019
For a business website, the amount and quality of traffic directly/indirectly impact its profit. While low traffic can lead to lesser business, poor quality leads to not so good conversions,generating low revenue in return.Though many marketers believe the content to be the key to traffic, this isn’t the only effective solution. Effective SEO services include many different techniques to drive traffic from search engines as well as other sources.
Go through these 15 most important steps that can help you solve the low traffic problem on your site.

1. Engagement With Your Target Audience

For quality traffic, the first and foremost thing is to engage with people whom you want to bring to your site. You can contribute to high-authority and high traffic sites like Medium, Quora, and LinkedIn. You can also invest in SEO and PPC services for promoting your site and content to a specific audience.

2. Determine Your Audience

Social media advertising is a great way to drive traffic. Paid ads on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter can help you get in front of these platforms. However, you need to select the right audience and create interesting ads for better response. To see how effective ads can be, you can test your well-performing posts through a visibility boost.

3. Keyword Lookup

Keywords form the backbone of a strong SEO strategy and help increase traffic. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Everywhere to pull up search terms relevant to your business products and/services. These tools will provide you with information such as PPC, search volume, and competition for each term.

4. Update Content

Great content not only helps bring people to your site but also keeps them coming back. So, ensure that the content of your whole site is up-to-date, clearing out any old and irrelevant information on the site.Then, you can re-launch the updated content so that it can originally be shared on different platforms, creating links back to it. It can help to bring new traffic to your site.

5. YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most popular social media advertising channel in the world after Google. It can significantly boost your traffic. And to get views on YouTube, a combination of great content, effective keyword research, and useful tags can help.

6. Header Tags

Header tags can help keep the content structured and provide the reader with a frame reference. One can easily find what he/she is looking for because it gives them a break between sections of text. It is also a great way to utilize keywords and ensure that your header tags are attention-grabbing and well optimized.

7. Meta Descriptions

When your site appears on the search, the meta description is a short summary that appears below your header. Thus, it is essential to optimize your meta description with keywords and content from the user’s point of view aimed at better engagement.

8. Internal Links

Internal links basically keep the user within your site. It also has the ability to show Google what pages are the most authoritative on your website. A well internally linking can help Google easily index your site and also improve the search engine ranking.

9. Mobile Optimized Site

It is critical to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly in terms of responsiveness and speed. You can use Google’s free tools to check if your site is properly mobile optimized or not. First, visit the site on a mobile device and check if it can transform into the short display size or not. Using a tool can help you with a detailed report about mobile-friendliness a long with issues that can hurt your site’s recognition.

10. Use Giveaways

Hosting giveaways is a quick way to get visitors to your site and works quite well on E-Commerce websites. For future email marketing, it can help you build an email list. Professionals offering SEO and SMO services can help plan giveaways that motivate extra traffic to your site through conditions like sharing a post or other marketing tactics.

11. Email Marketing

You can keep the people engaged by periodically sending emails with upcoming sales, updated content, and other information. Email marketing service providers can help you execute rewarding campaigns and gain traffic that can help improve ranking. If your keyword ranking falls, email marketing can balance the low traffic and even boost visitors.

12. Work on Reducing Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a measure of how engaging the content of your website is. It helps you analyze if your site’s visitors are just leaving after an initial glance or visiting other parts of your website as well. So, make your site interesting enough to avoid users leaving because the bounce rate may affect your visibility on search engines as well. A few things that can help maintain the reader’s attention and decrease your bounce rate include colon, question marks, and shorter intro paragraphs.

13. Write Long Content

Content with over 1000 words is considered as a long-form one and is found to be more effective in terms of engagement and shares. People mostly like to share long content because of huge information present in it. Quality SEO services use longer content for these benefits in addition to making users spend more time on your page which helps reduce bounce rate as well.

14. Influencers and Bloggers

Due to the knowledge and reputation of influencers and bloggers, they commonly have a sizeable following. They can help you spread the business. However, you should ensure that the highlighted qualities of your product/service match with those the influencer is known for. You can connect with influencers directly or find them through a specific site.

15. Schema Markup

Schema markup helps Google crawlers understand the structure on your site. Inserted into your website HTML, it helps the search engine interpret your content and avoids the search engine’s efforts while explaining it to the user. It is a relatively new technique that can help boost your SEO ranking, especially for E-Commerce websites.
Thus, if you are facing a low traffic problem with your site, following these 15 steps can help you drive more users as well as engagement. And, if you are looking for a regular growth without head hunting yourself, you can invest in professional SMO services for organic growth or PPC services for quick growth.