Blogger Tools to Promote Your Content

17 Oct 2016
Content Writing
One of the most crucial aspects to enable your website’s visibility on search engines is its content. Not just plain content, but content that drives engagement and is useful to the end user. Today, we will share a few tools that will assist you in garnering the engagement that you always wanted for your blog posts.
1) Using External Tools To Promote Your Blog
You must be wondering why you should aim at bringing traffic to the blog with tools which aren’t integrated to the website. This is how it works-- You need to display high share counts so that the readers and visitors assume that your content is shareable and click the share button.
External tools mentioned below are the best way to begin promoting your blog;
Start A Fire – This tool is ideal to recommend your content through links. It subtly advertises your blog posts on your blog links which you share. You can integrate this application with social media management tools like Buffer, Hubspot,Edgar and Hootsuite. So even if you share someone else’s post, the links recommended will be of your posts.
QuuuPromote – An application created to share your quality content to a much larger audience than you would have reached. It shares relevant content to all the social media platforms at the same time with only a link of your content.
Hiplay–This is the perfect tool to re-share your content. You can use it to re-share few contents up to 10 times in a day.
CoPromote–Helps to promote your social media content. All you need to do is, pick a post already shared on social media, and add it to CoPromote and it will help attract users who are interested in similar content. Its free options also allow you to boost a post at a time.
2) Ways To Increase On-Page Shares
Turning to on-site basics, easy to notice share buttons are perfect to get more people sharing your content. The placement of share button should be so prominent that it makes sharing an exciting and easy experience for the readers.
Below tools will take care of the sharing part and will further drive maximum engagement to your web page;
SumoMe – More like a Swiss Army knife for on-site plug-ins, SumoMe helps to create scroll boxes, welcome mats, contact forms and heat maps. It offers a responsive share button that conveniently works across all web platforms. All features available in the free version of SumoMe, is one of the reasons it has become more famous.
Monarch’s Social Sharing Plug-in–It is a much more beautiful version of SumoMe. With a selection of over 20 social networks, visitors can share their content on any of these conveniently. It features floating sidebar above or below the content and pop-ups for pictures and videos.
Social Warfare–This is the ideal option to customize the way your content is shared. As the name goes, Social Warfare is a complete package for all your content sharing options. As social media posts with images have a higher chances of getting shared, Social Warfare helps you in resizing images for each platforms.
Click To Tweet –This tool generates one click links or tweet boxes that can be used to share content on all platforms. In this tool, a person can click on the box or link to instantly share the content to their blog, social media page or website.
One of the fastest ways to promote your content is to share your website’s blog across all the social media platforms. The above mentioned external and internal tools are helpful to share your content to other websites and relevant and active social media pages.