D-design Studio A SEO Centric Web Design Company In Mumbai

14 January 2022
Digital Marketing Company
In the virtual world, your website is literally where your office is at. When customers want to get back to you concerning queries, leaving feedback, making complaints or enquiries. Where they come, is to your website because that is your business’s virtual address. Think of it like a need to set up office where most of your customers are at. So, in real world terms if you operate from Mumbai and most of your customers are in Bangalore, then over time it becomes more feasible to move some of your operations to Bangalore. It is similar with having a website. In 2020 it is estimated the number of people across India and the world nearly double with the average person spending up to 145 minutes per day.

The Advantages of having a website

Today about 9 out of 10 customers read check products and services, while also reading reviews before making a purchase. We live in an age where customers like to be informed about every product or service they opt for. So, having a website is crucial for your business, as it services like a virtual store where potential customers can come check the services or products you offer without that overbearing obligation of making a purchase unless they fully convinced themselves that the product or service you offers is the best their money can buy.

Giving websites that SEO edge

When marketing your business via a website, SEO can help your website break through the clutter and gives your business all the attention it needs, to get noticed and sell. For instance, if you are a store that sells apparel, then using specific keywords that help your business standout, is what will help you get more business, as customers and potential customers start pouring in from all over the virtual world.

How to choose the best web design for your business

A website must reflect your brand persona, like your house reflects your personality. So, if you are bike lover, your interiors will be more casual and laid back or sport depending on the bikes you like. So also, your website, needs to reflect your business. If your business is a playschool is needs to look cute and upbeat, if it’s a business school it needs to look classy and neat, in reflecting what your products and services are all about, and the kind of persona your brand carries in terms of the colour scheme used, vision, mission and values.
At d-design studio, we make tailor-made websites that complement your business and carries your brand’s persona just like you see it. Not just that, we help you make your website get more visibility from your target audience, weather that be another business, your customers, or your employees. There are many web designing companies in Mumbai but few take as much pleasure as we do in making you and your business look good, because your wits end, is where our runway to market your business begins, in that online space where your audience is at.