Did your website design company deliver quality results?

04 Jan 2019
Web Designing
Every business needs a good website design. With a well-designed site, businesses can improve their brand image, bring in more traffic and boost sales. So an attractive website design is definitely something that businesses should invest in. But what is a good design? As a business owner are you aware of the factors that make a good site? Do you know how to evaluate a good site design? Since website development requires a significant investment, it is very important to get answers to these questions. This is because you wouldn’t want to spend money on a site that won’t look good and fail to bring in traffic.
So if you want to evaluate the quality of your site and ensure that the website design company has delivered results, then here are a few key aspects to consider:
1. Every website design needs to be backed by a strategy. It is important for companies to invest time and effort in planning a strategy for upgrading their business through the site. So as a business owner, ask yourself questions like- is your website design influencing the audiences that visit your site? Do they find the website informative and useful? Will a new user be able to understand your business through the website? If you cannot get answers to these questions, then you need to work on the strategy and get the site re-designed.
2. Usability is another key factor that you can consider when evaluating the site design. It will include the proper functionality of the site such as security, speed, user-friendliness and other technical information. If site visitors aren’t able to find what they are looking for due to lack of navigation and speed, then they will never come back. Some questions to evaluate the usability of your site are- is the website compatible to different browsers? Is it mobile-friendly? Are all the links working?
3. Another important factor is the readability and usefulness of content on the website. You need to evaluate if the content on the webpage is clear and readable. Content also needs to be relevant so that the visitors get to gain something out of it. The font should be readable, content and colour of the webpages should be observable and the content should be relevant and unique. If the content isn’t fitting in these criteria, then it is time to get the content revamped.
4. There are certain aesthetic principles that guide website design. With the right style that aligns with the brand in terms of colour, graphics and feel, it becomes easy to create a positive first impression for visitors. The website style needs to complement the content being communicated. So to evaluate this, you can ask questions like, does my website style align with the brand I have? Is there consistency in the style throughout the site? Are the images or design elements getting in way of the brand message? You need to ensure that the logo and website design are aligning.
5. Content is king when it comes to internet marketing or online branding. As mentioned-above, readability and usefulness of content is quite important. Evaluate the content present on your website to see if it is communicating the business message effectively. Site visitors should be able to read the text as well.
6. The best web design company will implement effective SEO strategies. Also, social networking and SEO starts with a good website design. If the design isn’t good, boosting the site ranking in SERPs will become a tough task. For instance, if there are images on the site, then they will be of no use if you aren’t using ALT tags to image descriptions. Your HTML also needs to be efficient or else your search engine rankings will get impacted.
So on the basis of the above-mentioned factors, you need to assess if the current site is working or not. You also need to find out ways to improve the look and feel of the site and ensure that it is working fine. It is important to take the right steps to make the web design more effective so that more traffic can be attracted to the site.