Different Programming Languages Used in Mobile App Development

20 July 2017
Mobile Apps
With Android and iOS as the leading platforms, the demand for mobile applications has increased rapidly. This industry has multiplied in leaps and bounds and has changed the way businesses function across the world. In the last few years, there have been several rapid innovations in mobile devices across platforms. App developers have started using different programming languages for developing apps.
In this blog, we have mentioned some of the popular programming languages that are used by application developers for iOS and Android:
1. Objective – C
Objective-C is the primary programming language for creating scalable and robust apps for iOS. This programming language is a C-language superset. It has several functions that deal with I/O, graphics and display functions. It inherits the primitive steps, syntax and flow control statements of C and also adds language level support for object graph management and object literals. Majority of work in an Objective- C app occurs due to objects sending messages to each other. This language is integrated in all iOS and MacOS frameworks. However, now it is being slowly replaced by a more powerful language known as Swift.
2. Swift
This is the latest and more powerful language being used in the Apple ecosystem. It is quite prevalent in writing codes for the latest APIs, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. Swift is a language that has been written to work along Objective- C; however, developers are now turning to Swift for programming. This language eliminates the security issues that may occur with Objective-C.
3. HTML 5
This is one of the most preferred programming languages for developers who have to build a web-fronted app for mobile devices. This language makes it easy for developers to insert various data types, rationalize input parameters and accounts for different screen sizes. HTML 5 is supported by many different browsers and is also cost-efficient.
4. C++
As far as the development of Windows or Android apps is concerned, C++ is the most appropriate programming language. It is ideal for low-level programming and has become a go-to language for app developers. With the help of C++ it is possible to develop apps for practically every purpose on all existing platforms.
This is one of the most preferred languages used for app development on Android. Developed at Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle), this object-oriented language for programming can be run in two ways – in a browser window or in a virtual machine that can function without a browser. If you are considering iOS development, JAVA doesn’t have much to do but it can certainly be useful if you are looking for cross-platform applications.
If you plan on hiring a mobile application development company, make sure you choose a service provider with years of experience. It is recommended to compare different companies and make a final choice. Research and comparison will help you choose a team of expert developers who will understand your mobile app needs and deliver desired results.