Effective Ways to Integrate SEO across Marketing Channels

17 July 2017
Do you want to attract qualified visitors to your business website? If the answer is yes, then you need to integrate SEO into your business marketing channels. This integration will help you achieve long-lasting, quality results for your business.
SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing functions but it shouldn’t be thought about independently. Integration with marketing efforts will create the right marketing mix, helping you drive quality traffic and reach target audiences.
Here’s how you can integrate search engine optimization with different marketing channels:
Social Media & SEO
There is a strong connection between social media channels and SEO because your social media activities can impact the results that show up in search engines for relevant searches. Content you share on your social media channels is likely to be indexed within the search engine results. You need to ensure that every post being shared by your business is being tied back to the topics you have identified as being of interest to your customer profiles. This will ensure that all your social media activities are being tied back to the audiences you are trying to reach.
SEO Friendly Blog
For most businesses, a blog is not just a useful resource offered to customers. It is also an important content hub for the company. The blog can be used for posting different types of content and covering topics related to the company’s products and services. If you also have a blog for your business, make sure the content includes key phrases that are being used by your customers. By including proper title tags, headers, URLs, internal linking and meta-descriptions, you will be optimizing it for driving results from search engines as well.
SEO & Public Relations
Make sure that your public relations efforts are being crafted with the right choice of keywords and link building. This will help the PR team generate more coverage for your business and create a strong public image of your brand in the market. If there is a little co-ordination between variety of pages linked to and keywords used from the business coverage, it will help in creating a diversified link portfolio. This portfolio will help drive quality rankings with search engines like Google and Yahoo.
Content Marketing Optimization
If you want to create content that is of interest to your audiences, you first need to understand the journey of a customer in the sales funnel. Starting from the first interaction of the customer with your business to becoming a loyal customer, every stage in the funnel needs to be understood to create quality content. It helps to tie SEO with this process. You can start by identifying searches a prospect makes at every stage of the sales funnel.
If you hire an SEO company in Mumbai for this service, just make sure that you are choosing a reliable service provider. Only when an expert team is handling this task, you can achieve desired results.