5 Efficient Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

28 June 2016
Social Media Marketing
Are you constantly stuck between creating Google analytics report and managing your social media activity? Are you in need of a Social Media Marketing (SMM) tool that could automate your campaign, provide analytics and help you track the entire activity timeline? If yes, then you can now heave a sigh of relief!
We have curated a list of five efficient tools, which will make your SMM tasks a tad bit easy;
1) Quill Engage
This tool allows you to create a Google Analytics Report automatically. To give you a simple overview, Quill Engage connects to your Google analytics account and emails you a weekly summary report by itself. Specifying your site’s traffic growth or decline, it shows where your traffic is coming from and which posts are viewed the most. What makes Quill Engage stand out is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the help of AI, it processes reports that look as if someone has actually written it, explaining all the information in detail. If you require a Google report every week for updates, connect with Quill Engage.
2) Bulk Buffer
It is an extension to Buffer but is ideal for bulk update scheduling. It is a perfect tool if you want to schedule updates, content and posts from large sources or a plan for the month.
3) Tagboard
It is a tool for hashtag management. It is a hashtag based search engine that allows you to see your mentions and tags for all the posts. You can also register your custom hashtag and see how well it is working on the social media. Register your custom hashtag right now and see how many people are using it and for which post.
4) MeetEdgar
It is an intelligent post scheduling tool that helps you to update your posts, links and other content. Add updates to your library, create a posting calendar and you are good to go! Edgar then posts everything for you. It saves, schedules and sorts your social media posts. Edgar works with Facebook accounts, pages and groups, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profile and pages.
5) Circloscope
This tool is for Google + circle management. It helps you to create different circles for different purposes. For an example, you are running a contest and want to thank all the participants. Simply create a new circle with the help of circloscope and thank every one of them.
Now how about that?! SMM tools mentioned above can help not only help you in different ways but also allow you to focus on other important tasks. Spend some time with each one of them to understand which one works the best for your business and for you.