Essential tips that a website design company should follow to improve the layout and format

28 MAR 2019
Your potential customers decide if they want to use your service or buy your product within 5 seconds after landing on your site. Website’s design is everything when it comes to impressing the audience among whom you want the visibility. Doesn’t matter if they are finding about it through search engines, paid promotions on social media or from a friend, the user-friendliness of the portal is everything and is capable of boosting your sales or ruining all the hard work.
Even a smallest mistake in web design can create a great damage to the business’ reputation and this is why one must consult a website design company before launching their online sales platform. Here are some tips that are working effectively in 2019 and helping in improving the reputation of the website.
Business owner should have a plan for design in mind
Businesses often leave everything in the hands of the web design company for commencement of their project. They don’t really provide any input in the initial phase but start noticing certain flaws and scope for improvement as the project goes forward. This results in feedback and rectifications from client’s side that the designers make changes to.
This is not a suggested approach to web design. The business representatives should have a certain vision in their mind before the project begins. This will value everybody’s time and you’ll also save a lot of funds otherwise spent on feed backs and rectifications.
Eliminate lengthy text content and complex animations from the homepage
A website’s loading time is everything. It may feel fancy to add animations and introductory videos on the homepage but it results in making visitors wait to properly view the page. This also increases the bounce rate. These additions do nothing but ruin the reputation that the business is trying to create among its prospective consumer base.
No one these days has time to go through lengthy introductory texts. Keeping website descriptions around 200 to 300 words can be enough. One must focus on images and may be short videos if the web designers are able to integrate them in the layout seamlessly.
Avoid using stock images
Stock images are probably the quickest way to damage your reputation. These photos have been used by thousands of different platforms to sell different products. Your audience will be more interested in going through real images of your products and the people who work with you. Finding the same photos that they have seen over and over again adds no value to the business.
Stock images are acceptable when you use them in social media updates but website photos should be close to reality.
Call to action buttons are important and should be visible
Call to action buttons are a major addition to any new website. Contact us page, social media redirection links, instant connect with customer support and chat windows are just a few of the many types of CTAs that one must focus upon while designing a website. The presence of the call to action buttons should be noticeable so that the person browsing through your site is able to use them without looking around for information.
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