5 Things That LinkedIn Offers To Your Brand

06 Oct 2016
Social Media Marketing
LinkedIn provides many opportunities that help you to grow your business. A great platform for marketing and making your brand socially visible or active, LinkedIn is the ideal place to professionally promote your brand. Though there are few features on LinkedIn that comes with a cost, but you can save a little from your budget and utilize it to give your brand that extra push it deserves.
Here are 5 things that LinkedIn has in store for you if you are planning to promote your offerings;
1) LinkedIn Ads
Begin with LinkedIn Ads. Target your audience by job function, company size, and geography or company name. The ads that you make would display on the top, bottom or the right hand side of the page. And one of the best things you can do is to link the ad to your company website or your own LinkedIn page, from where the visitor can gain some more information about who you are? And what it’s all about? LinkedIn Ads run on auction and bid basis, where you can pay either for cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM).
2) LinkedIn Display Ads
On the right side of any profile or home page, you can see display ads. This space is most preferred on LinkedIn, as you can utilize it either with an advertisement video, a website blog display ad or Twitter feed ad that will take the visitor to your company website or social media profile.  You can also create a recommendation advertisement that can be promoted within your connection or friend circle. It acts just like word of mouth.
3) Company Page Upgrades
Upgrade your company’s LinkedIn page by spending a little extra for making the visitor experience better than before. An overview tab for your LinkedIn members, products and services tabs that can be used for recommendation, an analytics tab and a career page can do wonders to your business profile.
4) Custom Groups
A custom group helps you to customize the right side space of the profile. Instead of keeping a static ad, you can add a video link, an integrated blog, twitter feed or RSS feeds to it.
5) Partner Messages
Partner messages allow you to send bulk mailers. It allows businesses to send messages to the intended target audience at once. This includes a co-branded landing page and a call-to-action button that a user clicks and is directed to the company's website. The only disadvantage about partner message is that it can only be sent once in every 60 days, limiting its scope for an extended period of time.
So based on your requirements, you can definitely capitalize on these mediums to give your brand either a new life or take it to a next level altogether. It’s up to you to analyze and gauge which one of the above works best for you.