Four-Point Success Plan for SEO Strategists in 2017

31 Jan 2017
With the end of 2016, the digital world has ushered in 2017 certainly with many hopes, aspirations and a positive attitude. With the start of the New Year, SEO specialists across the world have already started mulling over what plans and strategies are to be implemented to optimize results from their on-going SEO campaigns. Much like the past few years, SEO gurus should be approaching 2017 with the tried and tested on-page and off-page campaigns. However, some fine-tuning will always be required to keep up with the changing trends and technology. Here, we discuss a few SEO strategiesthat marketers could incorporate in their upcoming operations.
On-page SEO Design
Be it any SEO company in Mumbai or in any other part of the country, every SEO executive is going to face new challenges and obstacles in this year. It is highly prudent that SEO managers should further calibrate their on-site strategies. This essentially means improving the SEO activity on the home website and then concentrating on their client’s websites. Be it site efficiency or layout, on-page SEO comprises an array of elements to be worked upon. These include-
Site Construction- A neat site design is surely going to take up the website rankings and also lead to a positive experience for the end user. Additionally, it also plays a significant role in diagnosing user interaction and user role. The architecture necessarily implies that the website should feature clutter-free layout. For this, the site designers could always rely on accurate content, high-impact videos, stirring graphics and putting in effect cutting-edge web design. All these factors boost website clicks and bring in more site traffic.
Navigation- An intelligently-created user interface is going to convert into enhanced first opinions, user experience and eventually, more conversions. An orderly navigation will lead to the user spending more time on the website. A finely developed UI also plays its part in getting recognized by webmasters. At the end, a refined user engagement will only come with sleek website design, orderly placed content and straightforward navigational setup.
Mobile-friendly Design- Many SEO service providers overlook the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. However, this is certainly one of the most important aspects to get good rankings on portable devices. As the world is moving on to mobile gadgets for all their digital activity, it only makes sense to have an enhanced mobile version of the website. Google has been stressing on the importance of good responsive design and it keeps releasing several updates and news articles to highlight this. Hence, site developers should not shy away from embracing mobile-friendly layouts if they desire better rankings for their business.
Developing Internal Links- Most SEO pundits agree that rankings can be enhanced through developing internal links. By making the user visit multiple pages on the website, interlinking boosts keyword acceptance on Google as well as drives page rankings.
These are some of the tactics SEO planners can implement to augment their site rankings and attract more clients to their online presence.