Is your agency offering you white-hat SEO services?

09 Feb 2018
Web Design
According to the SEO experts, white-hat SEO techniques are the only way to go if you want your site to achieve high rankings in SERPs. White-hat SEO refers to tactics that are in line with the terms and conditions of search engines like Google and Yahoo. It is necessary for businesses to hire an agency that doesn’t resort to nefarious tactics known as black-hat SEO that includes spamming techniques or keyword stuffing.
What is white-hat SEO?
It involves organic techniques are used for boosting the site’s search engine rankings. The focus is on using the best strategies because only quality sites can perform well in Google or Yahoo. In order to ensure that the site performs well in search engine results, there are various factors that an SEO company in Mumbai takes into consideration:
  • Performance of the website
  • Site architecture
  • Quality of content
  • Meta information
  • Videos and images
Search engines keep updating and upgrading their algorithms in order to provide the most legitimate and relevant results to users. They also do it for optimising the search experience of intended users. Even though achieving high rankings with white-hat SEO requires more time and effort, it pays off in the long run. So be it SEO or PPC services, make sure that you have hired only the best service provider for your business.
Here are few more tactics that are used for garnering organic search traffic:
  • SEO experts try and secure quality inbound links. They make sure that the backlinks are on relevant sites.
  • They ensure that only original and relevant content is being posted on the website. They also work on the social and email campaigns for spreading more awareness and for bringing in more traffic.
  • Correct use of keywords along with keyword analysis is also the main focus.
  • SEO experts see to it that the site is organised so that the search engine bots can easily crawl into the site. This is where the importance of website architecture comes into picture.
  • It is also the responsibility of SEO managers to ensure that the important keywords are present in the header tags because search engines prioritise information.
  • Whether it is a blog, a social campaign or any contributing content, it is the job of SEO experts to create an effective content strategy. They also research relevant keywords for the client’s business, create keyword-rich and descriptive meta tags and also improve titles, information architecture and navigation of the site to bring in organic traffic.
If you want to improve your site ranking the right way, then you need to hire one of the reliable search engine optimisation companies in Mumbai that will offer you white-hat services. Finding a good service provider is very important because if you fail to engage in white-hat practices, your site might get banned from Google or other search engines. Since Google is one of the most popular search engines, getting banned can result in a significant drop in business and web traffic. Even if you try and re-do things using white-hat techniques, there are minimal chances that Google will re-list your site. Therefore, it is necessary to implement ethical search engine optimisation practices if you want to have a successful website.