Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

18 July 2018
Mobile application development has been the centre of innovation for years. Considering large market penetration and flexibility, mobile continues to be the best device that businesses are targeting. Today, moving to mobile isn’t a new thing for any company. However, if companies want to get decent engagement from their app and grow their business, then they need to step up their game and capitalise on the latest innovations. They need to ensure that the app is offering a unique experience to their users. And for this, they will have to stay updated with the latest app development trends that can engage users.
Here are some of the latest mobile app development trends that companies need to watch out for in 2018:
1. Augmented Reality or AR/VR is a trend that is predicted to hit $150 billion by 2020. AR will be taking around $120 billion whereas VR will take $30 billion. In 2017, Google as well as Apple banked on the accessibility of augmented reality technology. Today, there are two rock solid platforms (Apple’s ARKit and Google’s AR Core) that are being used for development of augmented reality mobile apps. It is being predicted that the growing number of marketers will continue seeing augmented reality as an effective method of offering unique user experience.
2. Wearable mobile application is another trend that will take on the market by storm. An altogether new technology market has been created due to the advent of smart watches and other connected wearables. Most of these devices offer standalone features but they also require some support from mobile devices. Also, users like to synchronise their wearable devices with their mobile phones so that data access becomes easier.
3.Third innovative trend on the list is AI or artificial intelligence. This technology has enabled various exciting features in mobile applications. For instance, personalised experiences, recommendation engines, behavioural targeting as so on. Artificial intelligence has also enabled the use of chatbots (AI-powered tools) in mobile applications. These tools can easily stimulate human conversations. Even though the market has very few apps that actually include a chatbot, there will definitely be more in the future.
4.Mobile payment has become quite popular with the rise in e-commerce. It has also pushed the popularity of mobile banking and various other mobile payment mechanisms. For instance, the scan and pay system leveraged by VISA cards as well as Samsung is a good example of the same. Experts believe that soon there will be various such mobile apps that will leverage this service.
5.The rise of mobile cloud computing cannot be ignored. With the increased use of cloud computing, storing data has become easier in mobile apps. It has also eased the task of storing process heavy tasks in mobiles.
6.Marketers are also exploring the use of location-based service in mobile app development. They are also using geofencing in apps on a large scale. With the help of these services, it becomes easy to trigger certain actions in apps and provide scope for personalisation.
There are several companies that offer services related to mobile app development in Mumbai. But if you want a team of developers who can leverage the latest innovations and get you quality results, then make sure you are choosing a reliable service provider.