Popular Mobile App Development Trends to Follow

30 Oct 2018
App Development
In the last few years, smartphones have turned into an extension of our very being. From catching up on news or watching YouTube videos to using them for checking emails, messaging and various other tasks, smartphones are turning into a necessity for us. Growing number of people are now connected to their phones in one way or the other and this is one of the main reasons why businesses are spending money on developing mobile apps. The aim is to make their brands accessible to people 24/7, even while they are on-the-go.
The mobile application industry has witnessed some groundbreaking innovations in recent years and it continues to go through a radical makeover. Here are some of the mobile app development trends that have been quite popular this year:
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Artificial intelligence is proving to be quite powerful in the mobile application space. It is all set to offer some great insights to business users via cognitive interfaces to complex systems and advance analytics. With the expansion of AI technology, mobile users have been able to reposition the value benchmark of existing user experience completely. “Smart apps” or artificial intelligence infused apps are growing in popularity because they are helping users accomplish their daily tasks in a convenient manner. Today, smartphones are equipped with GPS tracking along with camera and microphone features. Apple’s iPhone X is loaded with an A11 Bionic chip that features a neural engine built for AI tasks such as Face ID’s 3D scanning. When the built-in features are combined with AI technology, apps become more personalised.
Wearable Applications
The mobile app industry has taken wearable technology to the next level. Today, developers are building wearable applications and they are being used in industries like fitness, healthcare, fashion and even textile. Some of the examples of wearable technology are Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Google Glass and so on. According to the industry experts, this market has become quite diversified and is set to grow substantially in the years to come. Today, there are various wearable devices available in the market and more are yet to come.
Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT or internet of things is basically a network of physical objects embedded with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity. With these elements, objects are enabled to collect and exchange data without any need for human interaction. This game-changing technology has a bright future as far as app development is concerned. It has been reported that by 2020, the IoT industry will receive an investment of $120 billion. Today, various devices and home appliances are controlled through apps. Tech giant Microsoft is planning to integrate whole cities with IoT technology which will take the technology to the next level. It is being expected that in the coming months, IoT apps will start gaining popularity. It will be a huge trend in app development.
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
This is another trend that will take the mobile app development industry by storm. Augmented Reality will be implemented more in the retail sector, engineering sector and real estate. Virtual reality technology will get implemented in the events and gaming industries. It is being predicted by Statista that by 2019, there will be more than 5 billion AR mobile apps.
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