Reasons to choose cross-platform mobile app development over native apps

21 February 2020
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User preferences play an important role in shaping the market scenario. In the last five years, the number of users who prefer online shopping with an app has increased because of many reasons. The ease of access is something that excites many users to leave the website and dwell into the app territory. Mobile app development has seen the growth of apps in the daily life of average users.
With this trend catching up, a majority of mobile application development companies in Mumbai are now facing the question that if the platform should be used like a native app, a cross-platform app or a web app. But as trends suggest, a majority of brands are now going with the cross-platform app over the native apps.

Difference between cross-platform apps and native apps

The differences between cross-platform apps and native apps can be noticed according to development as well as operation.
Development difference – Cross-platform apps have common code that saves mobile app development companies in Mumbai from working from scratch. This saves time and a lot of effort. Native apps, on the other hand, have codes written from scratch so the process is longer and the client has to spend more money.
The operational difference – Native apps can only run on mobile phones or any platform like a tablet, laptop or camera that supports app integration. Cross-platform apps on the other hand act at web browsing tools offering the same experience as internet surfing only with access to one site. It is much easier to access a cross-platform app and it doesn’t limit the user with what platform they should be online in order to check the app.
These differences show how cross-platform apps are way better than native apps. No wonder more and more professionals in mobile app development in Mumbai are more focussed towards creating a high-quality app with a cross-platform technique.
Here are some advantages of cross-platform mobile apps –

Assures a shorter development phase

As said above, native mobile app development takes a long time to be designed because the coding begins from scratch. Here, the cross-platform takes a shorter time and results start appearing faster because the initial code is already written. This makes the development process fast and hence costs less. If the brand is an already existing entity then creating a buzz with a definite timeline will come with higher efficiency which will assure a positive influence on the audience.

Cheaper to create an app

When the base code is already written, a lot of effort is saved. This makes the app development phase shorter and simpler. Small timeline costs less money to the client. This proves advantageous to the business and it also increases their revenue.
Since the cross-platform app ensures reaching a wider audience who are not only limited to mobile phones, the income generation and sales are even higher.

Quick MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. This is an important aspect and criteria of the development environment. The MVP launch effort is significantly reduced in cross-platform app development. The common code base is often used to deliver an MVP because of which it becomes easier to add subsequent features.

Easy to understand and maintain

Often brands handover the finished mobile development to an in house team who keep a check on different procedures. It is easier for mobile application development companies in Mumbai to handover a cross-platform app because the code is easier to understand and maintain it without any expert to keep an eye on the same.

Reduced user journey

When a user has to open an app, they need to keep a smartphone in their hand in order to do so. But when mobile application development companies in Mumbai work on a cross-platform app, it assures that user journey will reduce to a large extent. Unlike a native app, it doesn’t restrict the user to have a smartphone and it gives the same app like experience from any medium. This makes the user experience much simpler because of which the revenue increases.
The development process and the advantages that the brands get to enjoy with cross-platform apps are taking the seller and buyer experience to a new level. The short development process is better for any brand because everyone wants to start generating revenue soon. Easier maintenance also assures that once it is ready the brand will not have to contact professionals who worked on the project of mobile app development in Mumbai.
Next time, when you need a mobile app development project, consult an expert and find out if you need a native app or a cross-platform will work for you.