Top 5 SEO Trends You Need to Know

13 January 2020
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Online completion has increased and the fight to stay in the first page of search results has prompted many brands as well as professional SEO services agency to come up with new ideas. As 2020 approaches, certain trends are bound to become more popular as the results in the mid of 2019 were in the favour of the brands that experimented with it.
Listed below are some of the popular SEO trends that brands should know about as they enter 2020.

BERT & User-Focused Optimization

Google launched BERT algorithm in 2019. Since it affects search results, every SEO professional is looking for ways to optimize it. BERT changes search credentials and focuses on exact keywords that the user wants to know. Instead of providing random results that used to match keywords, BERT optimizes the content as per user’s requirement. This has prompted SEO experts to create new content that answers specific questions as per the user’s query.

More zero click searches

As per the last set of data released, zero click searches have become more frequently used than ever. Google has made arrangements to answer user’s query in the snippets of SERP itself which allows the user to not click on any of the link if their query is answered. While this is a matter of panic for many brands, the experienced online marketing companies are modifying the content keeping this trend in mind.

Social media integration

Modern SEO is incomplete without social media integration. Digital marketing plays an important role in making the search results better and smarter. Brands that focus on SEO have to choose social media marketing packages as they are supposed to be consistent with updates. Regular posts on all social channels increase the brand visibility and hence strengthen the SEO.

Focus on rich and featured snippets

Since a lot of information is being consumed through SERP, brands should really focus on rich snippets. The agencies that specialize in best SEO Services also works on title and description, show images, stars for reviews, prices for products, etc. Featured snippets consist of an entire block of information that appears on the top of search results. Good content from a website will instantly bring more traffic and keep potential customers interested in the product.

Don’t divert from the old SEO practices

The modern SEO landscape is dynamic and no expert from best SEO services would be able to guarantee that their page will stay on the top search results forever. Brands still need to put relevant keywords, optimize the site for mobile users, use minimal keywords and caption each and every photo. Apart from this one must not ignore more competitive trends that will shape the presence of the business.
As a brand, having modern and optimized SEO content should be your prime focus. By hiring top SEO Services in Mumbai, you will reach a better set of audience who will show more potential for conversion.