Top Trending Website Tools in 2019

26 July 2019
The Progressive Web World Data has shown that there are over 1.8 billions of websites and out of which around 200 million are active so far. Moreover, a huge number of new websites being developed will make the competition more vigorous.
In such a fiercely competitive digital world, your website needs to have trending tools and technologies to make your website noticeable.
Here are some of the latest trends in Web Development In Mumbai India that your website must have to get global attention.


Chatbots in website enhance the online support for your business by providing additional convenience to the customers. Chatbots are used extensively in the websites to satisfy the needs of customer support as the businesses can benefit around the clock services with this tool.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Chatbots work on Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI). The Best Web Design Company knows the benefits of chatbots and machine learning as it these have a bright future in the digital world.
The established names in the internet world like Google, Twitter and Facebook have been emphasizing on the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Best Web Design Company adopts functionalities powered by machine learning and AI.


Ever since the search engine giant, Google found the importance of mobile-friendly websites, the responsive website design became a huge trend and it has been in trend since then. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) makes the performance of the web content and ads better and improves the user experience and website speed.

Push Notifications

A website with push notifications like in a mobile application can enhance the number of viewers. Businesses can also take benefit from this feature by getting a marketing form filled by the viewer. Push notifications are a great way to grab the attention of visitors. The Best Web Design Company will advise not to overuse this feature on the website as it may increase the drop rate.