Why does your business need SMO services in Mumbai?

13 Dec 2018
With the help of effective social media marketing techniques, many businesses have been able to experience growth within a short time span. Wondering what is SMO or social media optimisation? It is the process of using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness about a product or service, a brand or an entity. Social media optimisation includes social news and book marketing sites, RSS feeds, video and blogging sites, social media sites and so on. SEO and SMO are quite similar as the main objective is to drive traffic to the websites.
According to the industry experts, SMO is the new wave of online marketing. With the help of social media channels, many small as well as large brands are cutting across industries. Since SMO is a good mix of social media and SEO, it offers various benefits to businesses. By giving a website great visibility boost, social media optimisation helps a business grow to a great extent. Even though websites are being optimised by search engine optimisation, SMO can bring in the results faster and therefore, it matters a lot.
There are many brands that are running low on budget and are reluctant to invest in SMO. What they fail to realise is that investment in SMO today will bring them great returns tomorrow. Investment in social media optimisation is worth the efforts and the money. They just need to hire the best SMO company in Mumbai for this job. Only a good company will bring them desired results.
If you are also a business owner reluctant to invest in SMO, then here are a few figures and statistics to help you make a decision:
1. User base of Facebook, a popular social media channel is more than 1.71 billion people across the globe, so imagine putting your brand out there for people to see.
2. YouTube is a social media channel used by more than 1 billion people across the globe.
3. It has been found that approximately 70% of the population on the internet makes use of social media channels.
4. Almost every popular company in the world has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter to interact with the clients and customers.
5. Annually, around 200 million users are added to social media networks.
These figures are a clear indication that social media is growing at a large pace and if your business isn’t out there on these networks, you will be missing out a lot.
Why should you invest in SMO?
Through social media channels, it has become easier to improve organic search results of websites. It has given businesses the opportunity to connect to more people and to reach out to people in different online venues.
Business reach can be extended through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and people on the internet can easily link back to your site. With SMO, you will have quality traffic driven to your site and you will be able to ensure brand awareness and loyalty as well. Your business conversion rate will also go higher and the visibility will get a boost.
Tips to make SMO beneficial for your brand
If you want your social media optimisation efforts to be more rewarding, then you will have to follow the below-mentioned tips:
1. It is very important that you are creating attention grabbing content because if content isn’t good, visitors aren’t coming back. Engaging and compelling topics need to be covered and content needs to be posted regularly on different social media channels.
2. More buzz needs to be created with connections because social media is all about connections and networking. Tap everyone you know so that your posts are getting likes and comments. This will help in creating more buzz.
3. Every reputed agency for SMO services in Mumbai works towards growing and expanding the base/audiences for their clients. There is a lot of value attached to starting a conversation with potential customers. If you have a large audience on social media channels, your business will benefit to a great extent. So keep looking for ways to expand the audience base.
Following these above-mentioned tips will surely help you get better at SMO.