Importance of Integrating SEO into Website Design

27 June 2018
Web Design
Web Design
Getting a website designed for your business? If yes, then make sure you are implementing the right SEO strategies when the site is being designed. Search engine optimisation strategies can be applied at any time in the lifeline of the site but it will be ideal if you are doing it up-front- at the launch of the site. Considering SEO from the design standpoint is very important to ensure best results.
Here are some of the website design strategies that need to be applied up-front in order to support SEO:
1. It is important to get a responsive website designed for your business so that the web pages work seamlessly on all devices, be it smart phones or tablets.
2. Website designers will have to create a URL structure that is not only organised but also consistent.
3. The web design needs to support as well as encourage social sharing and the the site should be built around content that is relevant and attracts authoritative links.
4. Content on the website shouldn’t just be keyword-triggered. It should be focused on a certain concepts or ideas.
Your business can enjoy big benefits if you are focusing on integrating web design and SEO into a cohesive whole. With millions of business owners engaged in one field or the other, it is necessary to keep your site unique in order to fight competition.
When it comes to internet marketing, SEO plays an important role. This is because it optimises the site and makes it search engine friendly. If you want to increase the visibility of your site in search engine results, then SEO is all you need. But visitors will come to your site only when it looks appealing. Which means, you need to pay equal attention to web designing. Web design and SEO should go hand in hand because both are important for the success of your business.
Here are some of the techniques that can make your site user and SEO-friendly:
1. As mentioned-above, the site needs to be designed professionally because first impression matters a lot. Design needs to be simple and effective, with the right balance of content and images.
2. Next technique to make a site SEO-friendly is to make sure it is easy to navigate. User interface has to be kept in mind when the site is being designed. Websites should be developed, keeping the user point of view in mind. If the pages are attractive but not easy to navigate, visitors wouldn’t want to browse further.
3. Content is king and therefore, only sites with quality content will rank high in search engine results. Web visitors are always hungry for quality content. If your site is offering them relevant information, they will keep coming back for more. Also, search engines like Google and Yahoo also prefer websites with quality content.
4. Make sure that the images on your website are optimised. There are certain files due to which the loading time of the site gets affected and slows down. Therefore, it becomes necessary to optimise these files to ensure that the site is loading quickly.
So if you wish to achieve success in your business and make optimum use of your website, then make sure that designing and SEO integration is going hand in hand.