It's often a dilemma for marketers, whether they should redesign their website. Some of the fears of redesigning a website are that the web traffic would stall and the search engine rankings would drop. There are few aspects that need to be taken care of while redesigning the website. Following article would help you in getting your redesigned website right.

Continue Brand Theme

Though the approach towards the new website should be fresh, there should be a continuing string of brand themes and elements that need to be weaved into the new website. The redesigned website should be fresh but familiar to the loyal customers of the company. A drastic change in the web design and interface of the website would alienate the customer and might result in a drop in recurring or nurtured leads.
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Maintain navigation and user interface

Your leads are used to a certain format of navigation and browse about your site intuitively. Drastically changing your site navigation and interface could lead to the lead getting confused. Browsers like quick and easy navigation and this should be facilitated through easy navigation and interface.

Minimum Page Layers

The number of new pages and links must be restricted as it would distract the user from the primary objective of his visit. The lesser the number of pages more focused the site, and the effect more effective. However, care should be taken to see that the page and link restriction does not have an impact on the SEO efforts of the web design company.

Search Engine Rankings

One of the most important aspects that need to be considered during website design is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The web designer or the web designing company must ensure that the website's equity should not be affected. Google reindexing should be taken care of as the website may get recognized as a completely new site. There are ways to bypass SEO-related hurdles. One of the things that the web design company could do is to retain all meta tags and meta keywords. The URLs should also be kept unchanged as changes in URLs could lead to those pages getting cached anew. There should be an effective use of canonical tags and 301 redirects. The sitemap must be immediately submitted to Search Engines, once the website is launched.

Maintain a backup of the old website, including images and content

Losing content and missing out on details happens often. To avoid this, it is essential to have a backup of the entire site. Moreover, it is important to maintain a repository of all the files and creatives used within the site.
If the above aspects are taken care of, transition to a redesigned website becomes easy.