Mobile App or Responsive Website - Making the Right Choice

27 July 2017
Mobile Apps
Responsive website or a mobile app – this is a decision that many business owners have to struggle with. Since a responsive site can work across devices, what’s the point of spending money on mobile app development? It can be a difficult choice to make because both options have certain pros and cons that should be carefully considered before making a final decision.
Gone are the days when businesses made money just by having a website. Today, customers want everything quick and easy. They want to shop and stay connected with their favorite brands on-the-go. This has fueled the demand for responsive sites as well as mobile apps.
Responsive Websites
Responsive websites can work on any platform because they are custom CSS style sheets that can make any site look great on different types of devices. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or a PC, the site will format itself according to the device
Mobile Applications
Mobile apps are applications that we download from Google Play store or the App store. Well-designed apps are interactive and helpful but they are designed for narrow and specific purposes, such as gaming apps, apps for grocery shopping, apps for making restaurant bookings and so on.
What to choose?
According to the experts, you should invest in both, if you have the budget. Due to lack of funds, many small businesses end up choosing between the two but if you can, then invest in both options for maximum benefits. Just make sure that you are hiring one of the best website development or mobile application development company, for this purpose. Only a reputed company has the expertise in delivering desired results.
Mobile apps and responsive websites share many of the same purposes. They not only allow interaction with the brand 24/7 on any type of device but also help in enhancing customer satisfaction.
Whether you get a mobile app or a responsive website, it will help you take your business to the next level. But as far as the cost of developing an app and responsive website from scratch is concerned, you will be spending less on website development. This is one of the main reasons why many businesses choose to get a responsive website instead of a mobile app. Another reason is the existing popularity of websites. Even today, most customers are likely to make a purchase from a website rather than using an app, especially when it comes to large purchases.
Useful Tips to Consider for App Development
1. If you are not sure about the operating system you should use for developing an app, then you can use analytics for finding out which operating system is often used for accessing your website.
2. Ensure that the features of your chosen operating system matches with the type of app you want to develop.
3. Hire a third party for app development services. It will save you time and eliminate the need to spend on hiring and training of app developers, technology and other infrastructure costs.