6 Reasons Why it is Important to Revamp Website Design Every 3 to 5 Years

7 February 2020
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Web designing is a constantly evolving process. A good website improves brand reputation, increases customers and takes the business to new levels. This means that if a brand is a decade old then they need to come up with new features on their website so that visitors find a breath of freshness whenever they come on the platform after a while.
There are a number of reasons why website designers recommend brands to rework on their content and style over and over again. In the world of website design, something new constantly comes up which makes sense to be integrated on the layout. It may be a new social media platform taking the market by storm or integration of the brand app about which new visitors would learn after visiting the website.
Here are a few important reasons to revamp the website after short gaps.

1: Comply with changing search engine rules

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Search engine rules are modified from time to time. Today, many search engines like Google are focusing on hyper local content and the entire idea has shifted to present the best result on top of the search page itself. Modern websites should be designed in such a way that the search bots choose your content to be displayed on the top of the results. Many web designing companies create content with these regulations so that the user easily find the information that they are looking for.

2: Integration of new plugins and apps

The most interesting part of designing a website is how efficiently the designer can integrate new features in its layout. New features give a modern look to these sites. Scroll feature on top of the homepage, static and gifs need to be a part of the new websites. These new plugins and apps can be developed and integrated though website design in Mumbai.

3: Better design targeting current generation

Modern web designing companies go for the designs that are more appealing to the new generation. Old features die after a while because there are issues like slow loading speed and bugs. With enhanced payment gateways, modified look for the homepage and improved responsiveness, the brands will easily create a nice structured layout that the modern generation of buyers will find easy to use. If the brand doesn’t understand this then the same buyers will go to another site with better features.
With introduction of push messages on desktop, many brands have added this button to their website. By location identification and instant messaging, it becomes easier to connect with the customers.

4: Stay updated on new offers and discounts

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Amplifying new offers, sales and discounts is a new modern trend that many brands like to use their websites and apps for. It is very easy for website designers to integrate this feature on the homepage of the site. Since discounts are a major reason that pushes customers to opt for online shopping, they find it convenient to learn about it on the homepage itself.
Other than new offers and discounts, these features can also be utilized to notify visitors about an offer at a local store. Location based targeting is also easy to reach a certain section of customers at a particular place.

5: Reduce issues like bounce rate, loading time and clutter

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Websites start suffering with a lot of issues as time goes by. Bounce rate and slow loading time sends the visitors away. Constant revamp and addition of better, smarter features removes these issues. Experts hired for website design in Mumbai will also debug your site’s layout and remove any unwanted codes that may be slowing down the website’s speed.
With time, a lot of information gets accumulated on the site. This clutter also plays a role in slowing down the loading speed. It is more convenient to visit a website and find whatever you are looking for in minutes. D-cluttering is an important practice that is being followed in web designing these days.

6: Improve SEO of the website

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Every website competes with 1000s of other websites that offer similar products and services. This means that everyone will be working on improving their SEO so that their ranking becomes higher. Brands should make sure that the content of the site is made better and more relevant so that it continues appearing in the first page of search results.
Introduction and popularity of blog section has been a major driving force behind web designing process. By having a blog section, you’ll also offer more informative content to your visitors while removing the clutter from your own website.
An experienced web design company will help you find the best web design solutions.