Technologies and Trends That Will Revolutionize Online Marketing

24 Oct 2017
Online Marketing
Web Design
There are many businesses across the globe that are using online marketing techniques for promoting goods and services. With an unprecedented growth in digital marketing methods such as SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing is on the verge of imploding. As a growing number of companies are investing in AR, IoT and Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, online marketing is making a shift from contextual marketing to immersive marketing.
So what is the future of online marketing?
Here are some of the innovative technologies that will be revolutionizing the way online marketing currently works for businesses:
1. According to the experts, reality optimization will become popular and brands will start hybridizing traditional and digital models of advertising. For instance, currently SEO is all about obtaining high search engine rankings and making the website more visible but with augmented devices becoming popular, a new, physical application of SEO will be seen. There are chances more business owners will start investing in digitally relevant style of advertising such as pop-up ads that will appear as soon as a user is close. They might also offer digital ways of accessing physical locations, such as virtual supermarket shopping.
2. It is being predicted that in the coming years, non-digital ads will become non-existent. Experts believe that traditional advertising will die once the internet is available everywhere. Key disappearance will happen in tangible forms of advertising such as, magazine ads and billboards.
3. The digital marketing sector has experienced a boom with the Accelerated Mobile Pages introduced by Google. With AMP, Google aims to improve the loading time of website pages on hand-held devices and smart phones. With this initiative, Google wanted to emphasize on the enhancement of site usage along with making the experience of customers better. Through AMP, SEO professionals are putting in efforts to boost search engine optimization campaigns for mobile sites. Their aim is to get higher rankings in mobile search engines as well. With the Accelerated Mobile Pages effort, digital marketers are re-inventing their online marketing and SEO techniques like never before.
4. Even CRM applications will take online marketing by storm. There were days when brands used to tap into new audience through query forms on their websites or through contact us pages. In today’s technologically advanced age, almost every reputed online marketing company is making use of CRM-based applications and integrated modules. They are able to track visitors to their clients’ websites at real-time and boosting conversations by bringing chat box with individual social media accounts into sync. This has helped businesses optimize brand promotion in the online space and also meet the targets.
5. Mobile marketing is here to stay. A growing number of digital marketers are strategizing ways to promote their clients’ brands through mobile. They are concentrating everything from PPC campaign services to SEO efforts for the hand-held devices platform. Today, you can even find digital ads that have been optimized for the mobile medium.
6. Voice search and interactive content will also be quite big in the coming years. There is no denying that content is king and the focus on high-quality interactive content has increased like never before. It is required for attracting audiences and also for engaging them for a longer duration across different online platforms. Digital marketers are going beyond texts in order to achieve this objective. They are creating content that is visually appealing and relevant so that interest can be roused in the minds of online visitors. Even voice search is being loved by consumers as well as digital marketing professionals. Since this is a new and effective way of searching and promoting brands, it has become easy to bring in more traffic.
7. Another online marketing trend that will shape the future is influencer marketing. Digital marketers are looking for ways to bring in audiences from most-visited sites. In order to do this, they are focusing on promotion of brands on other sites known as affiliate sites. If a lead comes to the website from the affiliate site, the affiliate site owner is paid a commission. This is also known as influencer marketing or affiliate marketing. This trend is helping marketers get more reach.
8. Another trend is the schema markup that helps search engines like Google and Yahoo understand if a site is relevant or not. With the help of schema, brand managers and online marketers can ensure that their client’s website name is appearing clearly in the search engines. This helps in preparing the site for a better ranking.