Get Your Blog and Business Noticed with Effective SEO Strategies

01 Dec 2017
Web Design
Are you a blogger? If the answer is yes, then you should optimize your blog posts to make them search engine friendly. Many bloggers are not aware of the benefits that SEO can have in attracting quality traffic. They fail to take advantage of this marketing potential. There is a strong need for bloggers to not only post quality, relevant content on a regular basis but also perform basic optimization to make their blogs more visible in search results.
Here are some of the tips that can be of great help if you want to get your blog noticed:
1. Look for the right keywords: Make sure you are doing some research on keywords that will be required for on-page optimization. There are several tools and techniques that can be brought into use for finding related keywords for the blog that you may have not considered before.
2. Correct keyword placement is necessary: It is very important that you are utilizing keywords throughout the blog posts and placing them in a way that it becomes easy for search engine crawlers to index your content. For instance, keywords can be included in places like the title of the blog, introductory sentence, headings, sub-headings and the title tags. Just make sure that you are not stuffing the keywords in the content or else it will be difficult to read. It can be very irritating for blog readers to go through your content if there are way too many keywords. Also, you may get penalized by Google for doing this. So make sure the keywords are placed strategically.
3. Optimizing images for SEO: The images on your blog also need to be optimized for the search engines. For instance, each time you upload an image for the blog, make sure you are including the keywords in the file name. Also, don’t forget to fill out the alternate text field with keyword-rich description of the photo.
4. Placement of RSS and Feed Subscription: In order to give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog, you need to place RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons prominently. This will give the viewers a chance to subscribe to your posts through email, whenever possible. They will be getting instant notifications whenever you post a blog, without having to check your site for new content periodically.
5. Effective use of social media is imperative: Another useful search engine optimization tip for your blog is to use social media for broadening the reach of your blog posts. If you are already utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels for connecting with people then why not promote your blog on these platforms for moreexposure. Also, remember that when you mention another article or blogger in the blog post then you will have to include a link to the information you are referencing. This is good blogging etiquette and if you are lucky, you might also receive a link back.
Do Businesses Need a Blog for SEO?
Even businesses need a blog for search engine optimization.Good SEO requires a blog because it helps in bringing in organic traffic to the company website. When a company is hosting its own blog and develops their own content, then they are in control of the keywords, links and the message they want to put across. They can easily control their online presence because they will be responsible for creating and uploading blogs. Companies get to offer a variety of content to their customers through blogs.
Search engines are always in search for content that is useful for the internet users. Even regular blog posting is necessary because popular search engines like Google give precedence to sites that keep updating content on a regular basis.By doing this, you will be making the customers come back for more, thereby, increasing traffic to your site. Since content is king, it plays an important role in search engine optimization as well.
Since a blog is an effective SEO and content tactic, it helps websites build their traffic and brand. It also helps in building a strong reputation. Considering the importance of SEO and content, many businesses prefer to hire SEO companies in Mumbai for this job. It gives them access to a team of expert SEO managers or SEO experts who devise and implement effective SEO strategies.