Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Responsive Web Design

04 Dec 2017
Web Design
Web Design
Responsive web designing is gaining tremendous popularity because it crafts sites for optimal viewing experience. It ensures minimal resizing and ease in reading and navigation. There is little or no need to pan or scroll across devices, be it desktops or mobile phones when viewing a website. This design approach is based on detection of the medium via the browser that is being used.
There are mainly three elements encompassed in responsive website designing:
1. First is flexible images that are mainly images without any fixed width in pixels. This is necessary because the image is always represented at the full width of the window in which it is being used. When someone views the image on a mobile device or a desktop, then aspect ratio is maintained.
2. Then comes fluid layouts that are based on the percentage of the current browser size. This layout flexes with the size of the window in which the site is being viewed. This flex happens even if the viewer is changing the browser size. With fluid or liquid layout, it becomes easy to use the space efficiently.
3. Third element is media queries that are a CSS3 module that allow content rendering for adapting to the conditions like screen resolution.
Today, it is almost incomprehensible to build a website that is not responsive. This web design trend started with the expansion of the mobile web. It slowly became the first choice as the use of mobile devices and devices with different screen sizes increased. In today’s competitive market, almost every business wants to have a mobile version of their website. Whether their customers use an iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, it has become necessary that web design is the same for all devices and the screen resolutions should also be compatible. Since it is impractical to create a site for each resolution or device, responsive design has become a necessity.
Under responsive web design, the designing and development of the site responds to the behavior of the users. The design approach also responds to the environment based on platform, orientation and screen size. Designers make use of a mix of flexible grids and layouts along with images and CSS media queries. As soon as the user switches from one screen size to another, the site automatically switches for accommodating the resolution, scripting abilities and image size. Responsive sites have the ability to respond to the preferences of the users.
Benefits of Responsive Designing of Websites
Itis best to hire one of the reliable website designing companies to get your responsive site designed. Hiring a good team is very important because only experienced designers can understand your site requirements and deliver a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website.
Here are some of the benefits of investing in responsive web designing:
1. Such sites are very flexible which means, the content is moving freely across all screen resolutions and devices. In responsive design, the images as well as grids are fluid.
2. It becomes easy for companies to ensure enhanced user experience with a responsive site. This is necessary because user experience enables visitors to consume content on the website through a device they like. This design approach provides an optimal user experience whether the user is on a desktop or smartphone.
3. From the cost perspective, getting a responsive website designed is cost-effective because only one site is developed for various devices. Responsive sites are also recommended by Google. Such sites have one URL and the same HTML. This makes it easy for Google to index, crawl as well as organize content. Google also prefers this web design because it is easier for users to share one URL and interact with it.
4. Such sites are also easy to manage For instance, if you have a separate site for mobile and desktop, then you will need separate SEO campaigns as well. But with a responsive site, it becomes easy to manage just one site and one SEO campaign.
When getting a site designed, make sure you have hired the best web design team. It is recommended to ask for references or do some research on the internet and make a list of service providers. Once you have shortlisted few companies, compare their services and charges to make a final choice. You can also read reviews on the internet about the service providers. Reading reviews will help you assess whether or not customers have been satisfied with the company’s services.